Friday, March 30, 2012

A winner emerges!

After completing my rigorous stain test on all three fabrics, a winner emerged. Actually, three winners emerged. It seems that all three indoor-outdoor fabrics were well-equipped to be squirted and smeared with ketchup, spot cleaned with water and air-dried. I'd be hoping this process would eliminate a candidate, making it easier to chose a final option, but no.

(*NOTE FROM THE TRADE: Whenever you're spot cleaning fabric, you should always use FILTERED or BOTTLED water. According to the "experts", tap water has minerals and schmutz that will leave a residue ring once they dry, giving the appearance of a stain that hasn't disappeared. But it's not the ketchup, it's your water!) 

I was down to age-old conundrum most women encounter every time they go shopping for shoes or hand bags. Buy the one I'd like more, or buy the one that was least expensive? I hemmed and hawed, and then said, "F--- It" and bought the one I liked the most (of course--- the expensive one.) I figured this is probably the only time (at least in my foreseeable future) that I'm going to really splurge and have someone else do the upholstery work for me, so I might as well go all-in and get the fabric I really wanted too. God willing this will all end well and I'm going to be thrilled with the outcome and not miss the money for one second. Or I'm going to be sorely disappointed and considerably lighter on cash to show for it. Uggghhhhh. When you actually add it all up, it's A LOT of money. Don't look now.

The good news is that my upholsterer works with the speed-of-lightning, and there's a faint possibility of me getting the chair back early next week, which I'm beyond excited about!

Let's be honest. There's nothing better than making a spontaneous and expensive decision and then getting the immediate gratification of enjoying the results! 
Yes please! 

In the meantime, Mummy has arrived and we're headed up to Fox Ridge for the weekend. Fingers crossed the forecast will take a turn for the freakin'-fabulous, because right now the predictions include rain and possibly a little snow too. What? SNOW? How am I supposed to enslave Mummy into a weekend of garden repair if it's snowing outside. My evil plan for labor in exchange for food may be scuppered... I guess worst-case-scenario, we'll just have to focus on the food. : ) 

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