Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Occupé, occupé, occupé! (Busy, busy, busy!)

I know I should be vigilantly posting from Paris, but we're having such a good time, it's been slipping my mind, and evading my calendar...

While wandering around Les Jardins Du Luxembourg on Sunday, John and I popped into one of my favorite shops in Paris, Le Jardin D'Olaria, a beautiful little shop full of french-inspired odds and ends for the home and garden. Every time I come to town, I like to stop in for a visit to see what's new and jumpin'. Even if I don't buy anything, (I'm not sure if that has ever actually happened...) it is full of inspiring objets which I file away in my "to-do-to-remember" memory bank for future projects in New York.

A particular highlight of this visit was this brilliantly colored dining chair, pictured at left, which caught both my eye and my interest. A pair of these clustered together in a little conversational corner of a living room or hallway, or a whole set surrounding a stark ebony dining table-- either way-- would be utterly fabulous! I like the idea of taking a very basic, "quiet" frame, and then choosing a wild-and-crazy fabric to step it up a notch, adding a little punch to the room.

Nice work, The French. 
I can always count on you for a little inspiration! 

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