Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby steps? Movement on the nursery front.

We're trying to make some headway on the nursery plan, but we started our return to New York with some bummer news. The Serena & Lily "pimento ring" crib sheets that I love so much are no longer in production, and my order for them couldn't be filled, so I'm back to hunting for new crib sheets and some other splendid way to incorporate my orange accents into the room...

Booooo.... Back on the trail! 

However, on the positive side, we also placed our first order for the nursery! They're a mouthful: 3- Navy Blue Mini Dot Black-Out 96" Curtain Panels-- found (joyfully after some searching) on Ebay. These are intended to block out light coming through the cut-out windows that lead into the nursery, and should look awesome with the Serena & Lily Charing Cross Rug that I'm coveting. I originally found the drapes on the Pottery Barn Kids website, but of course they had been discontinued too. I sure know how to pick 'em... Luckily, with a little digging around online, I found them for sale on Ebay (at a cheaper price no less) so I'm totally chuffed! So I'm getting my curtains and I saved some money... Things are really moving folks!

Now I just have to save up for that fantastic rug and we'll really be cracking!

(Let's not talk about everything else on the to-do list...)  : )

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