Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just because I don't call, doesn't mean that I'm not thinking of you...

This week has been another crazy one, so sadly blogging fell by the wayside in favor of employment. HOWEVER, I've been collecting lots of goodies to blog about, so hang onto your hats people, you've got a lot of reading ahead of you!

First things first, I just had the exciting opportunity to design a window display for a carpet showroom on the Upper East Side. This was a tremendous adventure-- I've never designed a window display before-- and I have a new found respect for those who do it for a living.

There's A LOT of looking in the window from the street, going in to adjust, looking in from the street, going in to adjust, back and forth, back and forth, tweaking every little detail. Hats off to those folks-- it must take a good deal of patience!

If you look closely, you may also recognize a couple of familiar accessories because I pillaged our apartment to decorate the window, so I didn't have to spend a fortune on my "free publicity." (Keep your eyes open for our orange pillows, our IKAT pillows, the white chandelier that used to hang in my old closet-office, there are lots of goodies if you look closely, kind of like one of those "Highlights" magazine hidden picture puzzles...) The carpet showroom let me pick a carpet to work with, so I started with a very beachy-sisal-esque striped carpet, and then went with a Hamptons-inspired theme to embrace the unfolding summer season.

If you happen to find yourself on the Upper East Side, swing by Broadway Carpet on 2nd Avenue between 67th and 68th Street and you can see my store window in the flesh. It was well received by the owner of the store, so hopefully I'll become their window-designing extraordinaire, and I'll get to do another one next season. Fingers crossed!

Feel free to stop by and mention how gorgeous their window display is if you've got a little extra time on your hands! : ) 

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