Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kind of gross, but totally worthwhile.

*IMPORTANT ADDITIONS TO THE BBQ RIB RECIPE FROM LAST WEEKEND: I realized as I was preparing the ribs without John's assistance that there are a couple of key pieces of information missing from this recipe. First: The quantities discussed in the rub and slather recipes are intended for 2-3 full sized racks of baby back ribs. These ribs are sometimes called "St. Louis Style" ribs too. I don't know why, but either name gets you the same results. You should use up almost all of the mustard slather and will have only a little extra rub for three racks. If you're doing two racks, you can save the rub for 6 months, to use for future rib rubbings. Any extra slather you should pitch. 

Second: John watched this youtube video about removing the membrane from the underside of the rib racks, and now swears by this prep step. Check it out to learn this vital trick of the trade, which will transform your ribs for years to come. I did it by myself on Friday night and it isn't difficult at all... Just kind of hands-on. : ) 

Happy Eating to All! 

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