Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gliding slowly forward...

One of the other essential pieces every new mother needs, according to virtually everyone we've asked, is a comfortable glider or rocking chair. I'm hoping, though not positive, that the newly upholstered Eames chair is going to do the trick in the city (and I've got a back-up plan waiting in the wings if that doesn't work), but we were still unsure about what to do up at Fox Ridge. That is until last weekend, when we found a gently used glider and matching ottoman at a church rummage sale for $50.00.

Unfortunately, gilders are only available in one of two ways: Really f--ing ugly OR really f-ing expensive. (Well, sometimes you can find one that is expensive and ugly, but a cheap, good-looking one has yet to appear on the market.) The one we picked up at the rummage sale clearly wasn't expensive, so you can imagine which camp it resided in, though we did feel like it wasn't as bad as some we've seen. You can see from the picture below that it really isn't a thing of beauty, despite my attempts to jazz it up with a tartan blanket and floral throw pillow. A girl can try...

Luckily, it also came with slip covers for the seat, back, and ottoman cushions, so I've pulled those bad boys off and I'm shipping them off to my mom, in the hopes that she'll use them as templates to whip together a couple of nicer slipcovers to improve matters somewhat. She's such a good sport about being our resident seamstress... : )

The plan is to keep the glider in the living room, so I can watch movies at 3:00 in the morning if the baby can't sleep, but again, we'll probably have to play all of that by ear. I'm hoping to buy more of this wild monkey fabric that was also used to upholster the desk chair cushion in the living room, to tie the glider and the desk chair together nicely, and to incorporate more of the warm tones from the oriental rug into the rest of the furnishings of the room. Unfortunately, I found the monkey fabric about 3 years ago, and I can't remember where in the D & D I got it, so that's likely to be a bit of a wild goose chance unto itself. Nothing is easy, right? Not on a budget!

I'll keep you posted on this project as it progresses... I have high hopes for a gorgeous transformation, thanks to the formidable talents of the mother figure! 

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