Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving forward with a nursery plan...

Next up on the "getting a lot done" front-- more work on the nursery. Or should I say, nurseries. We quickly realized that once this baby is born, he's probably going to need some place to sleep in our apartment. And in the little Fox Ridge cottage. Obviously the main focus will be on creating a "hospitable environment" in Brooklyn, since we spend the majority of our nights there, but inevitably he's going to need a comfortable place to rest his head in both places, so we have been planning a budget-nursery design for upstate too.

We have narrowed in on a cute, antique-inspired crib called the Jenny Lind Crib, found online for a whopping $158.99. Not nothin' albeit, but not totally out of reach either. We're thinking it's going to work well with the antique brass headboard and vintage tiger oak dresser that we're hoping to keep in the guest-room-cum-nursery upstate. The plan is to buy a changing table topper to sit on top of the tiger oak dresser, and then we should be set, furniture-wise.

I knew I wanted to go with a giraffe-jungle theme, because my mom bought me this fantastic vintage paint-by-numbers of a giraffe a while ago that was perfect for a baby's room. I'd also fallen in love with another Djeco crib mobile, called the African Savannah Mobile, which really sealed the deal for me. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I bumped into a baby decor bounty on the website... The piece that initially caught my eye was the blanket shown down below, sold on the Coyuchi website for $108.00.

Via the wonders of, I scored the exact same blanket for $49.00! I coupled that with two sets of pale blue fitted crib sheets for $32.00 a set, a white seersucker tailored crib skirt, and a set of pale blue changing pad covers for another $24.00. My grand total initially came to $195.00, until I took a chance and called the folks at I managed to finagle an extra 20% discount code from them (the perks of chutzpah!) and my grand total came down slightly to $156.00!

According to my math, the country nursery budget, including four fitted sheets, two changing pad covers, a changing pad tray, the convertible crib and mattress, the tailored crib skirt, that really cute blanket, and the lovely djeco mobile comes to a total total of $550.00. Once again, it's not nothing, but it seems like a pretty good price for a fairly coordinated plan!

I can't wait for things to start arriving-- I'm starting to look pretty darn pregnant-- and it will be terrific to get these nurseries set up before this baby descends upon us. : ) 

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