Saturday, May 26, 2012

We're on fire people!

This has been a great week for nursery progress!

You'll never believe the email I received today...

Inspired by the go-get-'em spirit from this diligent emailer (who should be recognized by name: Al, the same cousin-once-removed-sponsor-of-the-Charing-Cross-rug mentioned yesterday), I set off on the hunt. I was not to be stopped! Armed with the name of the pattern "Copacabana Monkey" I prowled the internet and after a little more research, discovered that my fabric was called, more specifically, "Pomegranate Copacabana Monkey". Even more headway! I'd like to take a moment to also point out that I was just in Rio, so it seemed like some kind of good luck omen, right? This fabric was my dessssstiny... And then, LO! I found the exact fabric for sale on for $16.99/yard. Hazzzahh! ( I didn't even know sold fabric. You learn something new everyday.)

This is even better news because I was reluctantly pondering buying one of the patterns below, all of which are clearly inferior monkey patterns, and SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than my preferred "Pomegranate Copacabana Monkey". Bully for me!

Granted... These monkeys also come with elephants.  : ) 

Elephants also come in beige, but beige seemed rather
unforgiving for a glider...

They may be monkeys, but they weren't really in the running.  If stuck with this option,
I think I'd just give up on monkeys all together.

I have ordered three yards of my monkeys from Amazon, and had it shipped directly to The Mother Figure, where she has generously agreed to start sewing glider slip-cover cushions. What a trooper! And what a family effort to make sure this glider will be all that it can be!

Another special thanks to Al for prompting this victorious search, and to my very talented, very patient mother for agreeing to sew the cushion covers once the "Pomegranate Copacabana Monkeys" grace her doorstep.  

Forward progress! 

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