Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy Smokes, folks!

Major Progress In The Brooklyn Nursery, People! 

Yesterday I received an email from John's cousins, Mollie & Al (I think they might officially be cousins, once removed, but extended family terminology always gets a little grey for me) and they've enthusiastically offered to 'sponsor' the gorgeous Serena & Lily Indigo Charing Cross Area Rug that I've been longingly coveting from afar.

Needless to say, we are BEYOND excited, particularly because though it was going to be a hard-to-swallow investment for us, I was COMPLETELY convinced that it was going to MAKE the design of the room. And now, it's going to do just that! Whooooooooo! An extra gigantic thanks to Mollie and Al for their incredible generosity and simultaneous love of beautiful design. If everyone can please take a moment to give them a round of applause.... Yes, even if you're sitting at your desk in your super-quiet office, surrounded by your diligent colleagues who are actually working and NOT reading my blog... Just a quick round of applause to express our sincere and enormous appreciation to Mollie & Al.

Thanks guys!! 

In other news, John has started tackling the biggest obstacle in the nursery-to-be: the existing furniture. He spent the day digging through the contents of the captain's bed that has functioned as our off-season-clothes-closet-giant-junk-drawer-guest-bed for the past five years, and did a major MAJOR purge. It turns out that I'm really the guilty party-- a secret hoarder-- who has been keeping all sorts of weird junk that I forgot I even had a sentimental attachment to, that is until John brought it out into the shocking light of day. Why was I keeping that stuff???   

Tomorrow we're loading up a U-HAUL with the excess furniture (captain's bed, awesome vintage two-piece sofa, a twin bed frame I just have down in our basement, and god-knows what else is hiding down there) and it's all getting marched off to Fox Ridge, where it will do a long stint in our barn until I figure out what its next role in life will be. The whole thing kind of stresses me out. Whenever I see how much weird, interesting, indispensible furniture I've acquired over the years, I am filled with an anxious desire to throw ALL OF IT away, combined with a strange compulsion to reupholster everything and open a vintage furniture store. Being a hoarder is hard work... 

At least we're making progress on the apartment, right? I'll deal with my psychological problems another day.

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