Thursday, June 28, 2012

I mean seriously people.

This is what I found when I came out of my beautiful bedroom this morning...

Yes, that is my 65 pound pitt bull, perched on my tiny Eames ottoman.
I mean, really. What's not to love about this picture?

(Aside from the daunting reminder that we have so much left to do in the living room before it's finished...) : )



  1. Christina,

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! And, I LOVE YOUR HOME! I have a question, do you found any problems with paint on the floor?

    Congrats on the baby! I love your site and your ideas! Thanks!

  2. Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for following our projects and thanks even more for the enthusiastic comments! As for painting the floors-- it has its pros and cons:

    *We love the price tag, since our apartment literally has ply-wood floors instead of typical flooring, so our options were to spring for the installation of a proper floor or come up with a quirky alternative, like painting them...
    *We also love the aesthetic and I do think it adds something wonderful to the room.
    *I'll confess that with a dog, maintenance is a little bit of a hassle. We do a regular vacuuming and mopping to keep things from looking too hairy, but then I also actually scrub the floors maybe every other month/every few months with "Fantastic" and a Magic Eraser in order to clean up the scuffs and scratches caused by shoes, dragging dining chairs, and an energetic dog running around the apartment.

    If I was going to be totally honest, I'd put it this way: If we could afford wood floors, I would prefer them because I think they would be more forgiving and hide dirt and dog hair better. However, since that's not in the cards, I'm really happy with this solution and would recommend it to someone in a similar position... Hope that helps you decide!

    We've got lots of big changes going in the apartment right now, so I hope you'll keep following our progress!

    John & Christina