Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh-No! Death by boredom.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, the photo at left might feel vaguely familiar... You may remember the last time you saw such photographs, when I was painting the checkerboard pattern onto the living room and dining room floors. Well-- the "adventure" has started again, and I spent the latter portion of yesterday afternoon penciling out, taping off, and painting the checkerboard pattern onto the hallway floor.

I may have mentioned this last time, but in case I didn't make it COM-PLETE-LY CLEAR, doing this is some of the most boring, mind-numbing, repetitive work I can think of... The penciling isn't so bad, but the taping-- my god the taping-- is just so wildly boring, so stupefyingly redundant-- it really is almost shocking. I felt like I might actually fall asleep, mid-project, sitting there on my hallway floor. John could have come to find me, tragically drowned in a tray of Valspar's "Oregon Coast".

However, complaints aside, round one is complete! The tape is down, the paint was applied, and now, I'll just have to see if it needs another coat when we get back to the city on Sunday night. Fingers crossed, we're in the clear, and I can just keep plugging on the touch-ups to the other two checkerboard floors...

We've GOT to get this apartment finished!!! 

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