Saturday, July 7, 2012

Closets! Closets! Closets!

Yow-zah! I'm pretty sure closets like this have never been seen before in Brooklyn. Maybe in some fancy apartment in Manhattan, or somewhere in a spacious and sprawling suburb, but in hip-and-happenin'-tenement-re-enactin'-Brooklyn? I don't think so... You should see these babies! John and I feel like fancier people than we are every time we open the closet for another roll of toilet paper... : )

Irene whipped us right into shape, but you should have seen it when we first got started... We pulled everything out, and man-- was there a lot of everything! I think we can officially crown me "The Queen Hoarder"-- and now that my dirty laundry has been aired in front of Irene, there are no secrets left between us... Or at least not on my end.

 We started by deciding the ideal end-function for each closet (two closets in the dining room, two new IKEA closets in the hallway, and the big cedar closet in the baby's room.) The plan was that John and I would each claim an IKEA closet, the right dining room closet would remain for tools and household supplies (though hopefully better organized that it originally was...) the left dining room closet would be for seasonal clothes and winter coats, and the baby's closet would be for the baby's clothes, toys, etc... 

However, it quickly became apparent that our plans for the left dining room closet were a little unrealistic, to say the least. We also wanted to keep the printer and rolling filing cabinet in that space since it's an easy-to-reach-easy-to-hide place for the printer when I'm working from home, but there was no way that was going to fit in with all the winter clothes in addition to the coats. No freaking dice people. (John has SEVEN winter coats. And I have TEN. Good grief. This number is AFTER we purged another 5 between us. GOOD GRIEF! I'm married to "The King Hoarder"...) 

Once we came to terms with that realization, Irene came up with a new and better plan. We really weren't making the most of the closet in the baby's room, mainly it's suburban depth and palatial height (4'0" deep X 40" wide X 10'0" tall) Irene realized that with the addition of two more hanging rods, we could triple the amount of clothes storage in his closet! Now, the majority of the coats, winter clothes, and baby clothes could all be stored in the baby closet (coats in the back, winter clothes up above, baby clothes in the front); the linens, art supplies, and printer could be stored in the left-side dining room closet; the hardware and household supplies would be stored in the right-side dining room closet; and our active "in-use" clothes would be kept in the two IKEA closets. John took a couple "rush-job" photos of the left and right side dining closets, in their almost finished state, so you'll have to excuse the quality of our photos... I promise we'll follow up with more at the beginning of the week, so you can see them in all their suburban glory! 

Woo--ee. We are in business!


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