Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The best firework ever!

It seems only fitting that I'd be writing about this latest improvement on the 4th of July, because there is the most beautiful light-explosion occurring in my living room, as we speak!

You might remember that John's wonderful aunt Irene picked up a gorgeous vintage sputnik chandelier in Fairfield, Connecticut a few weekends ago, and you might also remember that she was slated to return to NYC this past weekend to drop off the chandelier and organize my whole apartment... Well-- she did just that! But before we even delve into the miracles that now are my incredibly well organized clothes closets, linen closet, tool & household closet, and seasonal clothes closet (yes-- now we have 5 defined, militantly tidy closets!) I think we HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE SPUTNIK LIGHT!

Oh My God! Illuminated Miracle! You are all that I hoped you would be and more! : )

John put the light up on Monday night, and it's an absolutely perfect fit. Before he put it up, I was a smidgeon nervous that it might be a little small, but after my eye adjusted to the removal of the GIANT LAMP SHADE light, I have come to think it is really the perfect size for room, more like a ceiling fixture than a chandelier. It really pulls your eye upward too, which is wonderful for emphasizing the height of the ceilings... All in all, a major success!

I keep walking into our apartment and letting out a cry of unspeakable joy! It's really so gorgeous. I kind of think everybody should come out to Brooklyn to see it in person-- these photos just don't do it justice! (Try not to look too closely at the photo on the left, or you'll notice the tape is still on the hallway floor, waiting for another coat of paint, and the living room is all a skew. Just squint, okay?) What's even more neat is that you can see it through the window in the baby's room, and also through the window in our bedroom. It has this wonderful ethereal quality to it when it's dimmed that's almost enchanting... I told John our baby is going to lay in his little crib, look up at that light, and think he's an astronaut... So great!

*Can I tell you a totally weird coincidence? The sputnik light was supposed to come with light bulbs, but the very nice lady in Fairfield removed them so they wouldn't break in transit and then forgot to send them off with Irene. She called me afterward, and even offered to mail them to me, but I said, "Not to worry!" and planned to buy new ones once the light arrived. Unfortunately, I wasn't totally clear on what size the bulbs were meant to be, so I couldn't buy them in advance, and once we got started, Irene and I got so caught up in closet reorganization that we didn't even think about the light bulbs until well after the local hardware store was closed. Initially, "Oh no!" Except-- at that very moment-- Irene barked militantly from the kitchen "Come in here and organize this box of light bulbs!" (Okay-- not really. Irene is actually ridiculously nice and was a pleasure to organize my horrifying closets with, but it would have been more funny if she had a mega-phone and/or a whistle.) So, I sulked into the kitchen, thinking my sputnik light was sunk for the evening, only to discover that I ALREADY HAD 16 PERFECT GLOBE BULBS waiting to be organized in my light bulb box! What? Why? It's a long, dumb story that only makes me look like a crazy hoarder, so we'll skip that, but the main point is that we ALREADY HAD 16 PERFECT GLOBE BULBS (illuminating miracle!) so up went the light, and there she glows!

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! 

Happy 4th of July folks! 

Hope you're doing something fun and festive on this joyous Wednesday afternoon! 

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