Saturday, July 28, 2012

Incredibly cute art for kids...

We'll do our BIG REVEAL of the baby's room tomorrow, but I thought I'd give you the gallery tour of his art-work-to-be tonight, since you've all been so wonderfully patient over the past week.

I hunted high and low, and have put together quite the eclectic menagerie of art for his room. I confess, I may have over-bought slightly, but I've also been searching for new pieces for one of the living room walls (which was left empty after we moved everything around...) so I'm thinking some of the over-flow may happily end up there.

First piece on display: A small french-y numbers print. Though shown above in blue, ours will arrive in tangerine. Très exotique!

Second one up: Another number print! Just as colorful, this one, made by the artists at Bold & Noble, will arrive in azure blue. I found this guy on this terrific site, which has a bounty of fun screen prints. I found this print on the same site, a snazzy signed print no less, which I think should be a particularly joyous addition to his room.

Also from the folks at Bold & Noble, we bought one of the New York City prints shown below. This is one that I'm pretty much certain will end up in the living room, but I was on such a spree, I just couldn't hit the brakes... C'est la vie, non?

I've also bought one of these guys... which may very well end up in the living room too, though the colors are so perfect for his room. This one is on backorder for another couple of weeks, so we'll all have to exercise a bit of patience there. Boo... At that rate, the baby will likely be here before the art is. : ( 

What did I say before? Patience is a virtue. However, planning ahead is also considered to be a virtue, which sadly I did not possess in this instance. 

Believe it or not, this is not the end of the list... One more-- cheap and cheerful-- which may end up in the baby's room in Fox Ridge, or in the hallway in the city. Both locations would work terrifically for this poster, so even though I'm feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse due to obvious excessive amount of art work, it isn't all that remorseful. 

Now, I just have to bide my time until everything shows up and zip it off to the framer before this baby rolls in. The race is on! Who will arrive first, the baby or the art??? Fingers crossed... 

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