Saturday, July 28, 2012

Patience is a virtue...

I know-- I've really lapsed this time, but we've been really busy. Before when I said we were really busy, we were actually not and I was just mistaking that feeling for "busy", but now that I've experienced really busy, I've realized that everything we were doing before we actually very leisurely. My mistake.

However, you'll be relieved to hear that we've been really busy working on our apartment and making everything "baby ready". First things first, we can now proudly say that we've FINALLY FINISHED PAINTING THE LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM FLOORS! This may not seem like an apparent necessity in terms of preparing for the arrival of a new baby, but my thinking was that if this didn't get finished before he showed up, it probably wouldn't be finished for...what? Optimistically 5 years? How old is a kid when he goes to overnight summer camp? Seven? Eight? I can't imagine the state of things if we had to wait that long.

Needless to say, it was as tedious as we'd expected, but I'm beyond happy with the end results. And now we won't have to worry about doing this astonishingly dull task again until our son has entered preschool. Hurray! 

We've also put the finishing touches on the nursery, so check back tomorrow to see photos of that too... However, you'll have to keep practicing your incredible patience, because while the nursery is essentially finished, it lacks the icing on the cake: the art work! I've found and ordered all sorts of neat things to decorate his walls, but as they say, "They're in the post" so you'll have to just imagine how terrific it will be once everything's framed and hanging. 

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