Monday, July 30, 2012

Nursery Photos: Round One!

Taking these photos, I have come to realize that our nursery is only slightly larger than the average New Yorker's bathroom, which means it's almost as easy to photograph... Luckily, this small room is intended for a very small person, so I'm not too worried that he'll be unimpressed by his digs. : )

Keep in mind that we're still missing a couple of keys components that will officially make this nursery "complete". Still to come: 
  • A boatload of baby-centric art work
  • The ottoman cushion cover and a contrasting bolster pillow for the glider
  • Additional accent lighting (I think we might actually spring for that oh-so-coveted egg night light that we talked about months ago... It's just SO CUTE. I can't fight it.)
  • A small baby
I'm pretty sure that once the baby arrives, it will really solidify the room as a nursery, but so far, it's putting on a pretty good show. You might recognize a lot of the odds and ends I've mentioned over the last couple of months... You can spot the fabulous Serena & Lily Indigo Charing Cross rug in the photos above and below; as well as the Navy & White Polka Dot Black-Out Curtains that I tracked down on Ebay... You can also see the baby's Bam-Bam Crib in Phase 1: the bassinet stage, which should roll easily into our bedroom when he first arrives. 

Both the changing table and bookcase were hand-me-downs from friends, which I had professionally sprayed by my friends at WONK furniture. The changing table includes a bright changing pad cover from Land of Nod, adding another fun splash of orange to the room. I should mention that this nursery has truly been a collaborative effort-- I have called in favors from everyone under the sun. WONK sprayed the bookcase and changing table; Fernando (the contractor) built us the entire room, including those incredible recessed wall shelves you can see in the photo above; my mom made the cushion covers for the glider; my stellar upholsterer Lekhram, from Panache Upholstery, provided custom-sized inserts to fit inside the covers; friends & family provided so much of the wonderful decorations, like the Charing Cross rug and the Bam-Bam crib... This is a serious act of team work, people, and it merits a serious amount of THANKS! 

This room really couldn't have been done without the incredible contributions of so many different people, and we're beyond lucky to have such a remarkable squadron of friends and family to help us along. 

Now I just have to wait patiently for the barrage of art work to arrive, and we'll really be in business... I'll be sure to include more photos once the other bits & bobs trickle in, and of course, check back soon to see the finished dining room chairs in place. Yes, it's true. We've finally finished reupholstering the chairs too. I told you, come hell or high water, we were getting those chairs finished this weekend. Well-- it's been a smokin' hot flood up in here, folks, because those buggers are done! Halle-f-ing-lujah. 

(If you were the one reupholstering them, you'd swear-praise too.) 

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  1. It's great!!! I love it - the crib, chair, everything! Your apartment layout is such a mystery to me! I'm not sure how you keep finding these spaces :) What will you have to change when the crib needs to expand?