Monday, August 13, 2012

And THAT, folks, is why you don't PROCRASTINATE!

So there was still a fair amount on my to-do list, that was all supposed to be tackled during my enchanted "week-of-non-employment" (originally scheduled to start today)... I was going to frame all of the baby's art work, sew the fasteners onto the back of the glider cushions, empty and reorganize the bathroom cabinets, and go through the living room wall-unit and purge it of its many unidentified piles... Not to mention my many other grand plans-- one last pedicure, getting a haircut, museum day with Julia, sending off a wedding present, the list goes on and on... And then-- to show us all who is boss-- Julian arrived a week early and threw all those plans out the window.

(I must confess: One of the first things I did when I determined that I was going into labor, after I showered, and while John was vacuuming our apartment, was paint my toenails. I figured even if I hadn't squeezed in a pedicure, that was no excuse for showing up at the hospital with slightly chipped toenail polish!) 

Unfortunately, that still leaves the rest of the list! Maybe I can convince John that our first big family outing should be a car trip to Michael's Arts & Crafts so I can buy the ready-made frames for Julian's art work, otherwise I might just have to bite the bullet (financially anyway) and have them all professionally framed someplace in the neighborhood. I have a feeling that might be monetarily devastating though, so I think I'll push for the former. It can be Julian's first foray into the D-I-Y world! Little does he know what he has in store...

Stay tuned for more baby photos and updates, hopefully some photos of the nursery will all of the art in place, and also a couple of new recipes that I discovered in the week before Julian's arrival that were particularly delicious! 

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