Thursday, August 16, 2012

Okay, okay... Who can help but post a couple more photos of this baby???

I know this is totally NOT design related, but I can't help but post a couple more photographs of our brightest new star!

Julian's first sponge bath... This went surprisingly well, actually, despite reports that it would sound like we were killing him while we bathed him. Either he's really chill, or people were just trying the psych us out. 

I'll try to get back on task in my next postings, but who doesn't love a couple of baby photos...?

Cutest baby outfit ever! Also, the only "newborn" outfit we have that actually fits him properly. Evidently we've birthed a baby not only with french sensibilities, but also french proportions. Special thanks go to John's cousin-once-removed, Molly Abend, for picking such a stellar outfit!  


  1. I love the design posts but there is NOTHING as cute as a new baby! He is just beautiful -- keep these pics coming!