Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finally, something to show for our trouble!

After much research, pondering, vacillating, and finally some deciding, our George Nelson-esque Orange Ball Clock arrived today-- hazzahh! It really looks terrific, and well worth the $80.00 we paid (and not nearly worth the $325.00 an authentic version of these clocks goes for). I'm not sure what a clock would have to do to make me want to pay $325.00 for it, but I think I would expect more than just reliable time-telling.
The good news is that the arrival of the clock inspired me to finish hanging up the remaining art in Julian's bedroom in Brooklyn, so now we can now proudly post those photos too!


  1. Looking great!

    I really dig those frames. They are ikea right? I think I saw them on my last trip there but wasn't sure about them - you convinced me :)