Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Nursery Art!

Mummy picked up these five fantastic vintage animal bingo cards for Julian's nursery at Fox Ridge, and I've given myself the task of framing them, IKEA-style!

I found what I think will work perfectly on their website-- the slightly antique-y SONDRUM frame, with its cute beaded-detail and crisp white finish, I think it's going to work terrifically with the spindle-y Jenny Lind crib we bought for Julian's room. And at $7.00 a pop, the price is pretty manageable too, even times five...

Now that I've figured out the perfect frame for these lovely bingo cards, I'll just have to work on my next feat: Getting to IKEA with Julian, without John, to buy them.

Wish me luck folks! 

I have to say, IKEA's framing department continues to impress-- hopefully the SONDRUM will be just as great! I'll report back. : )

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