Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally-- we're grown ups!

You'd think the baby would have signified our transition from young-adults into grown-ups, but nope! It is the acquisition of a real sofa that has rocketed us into full-blown adulthood. John and I have been pondering the purchase of a new sofa for a while, but were continually deterred by the obvious: money. A brand new sofa costs a lot of it and we don't have loads to throw around, so every time we looked at our options, we'd eventually hit a major road block. Were we really ready to spend $1,700.00 of our savings on a sofa? Um... no.

The Room & Board sofa we'd been dating is shown above... We liked the mid-century style, we liked the dog-resistent fabric (we were considering the custom fabric option Teton "Ink"), but weren't quite as smitten with the price tag, which came to almost $1,900.00 once we factored in the taxes and delivery. Yikes!

On a whim, I checked Craig's List today and happened upon a Room & Board Jasper sofa, listed for $700.00, being sold in Williamsburg! Not just in Williamburg, but 5 blocks from our apartment!

Shut the front door!! 

The Craig's List version was available in the fabric Trip "Straw", which-- granted-- wasn't as dog-resistent as the Teton "Ink", but I actually preferred the lighter fabric over the deeper blue option. I was a little nervous that although the "Ink" would fight off the dog dirt, it would look like a very big, very dark colored couch. This version, if purchased brand new, would have totaled more than $1,950.00, and was being offered on Craig's List for $700.00 in like-new condition.

I emailed the seller ASAP, and zipped over there with John as soon as he finished work tonight. It was just as promised: beige, Jasper-tastic, perfect condition, and 4 stories up. : ) Luckily, we'd zipped over in our station wagon, so with a little help from the seller (4 stories down), we were soon the proud owners of our own very grown up sofa, at less than half the VERY GROWN UP price!

We're so stoked. I'm writing this blog posting from the comfort of our new sofa, and I have to say, it's sublime!

I'll post photos of the new configuration tomorrow 
morning (...once we're not all sitting on the sofa!) 
Check back soon! 

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