Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nursery Cum Guest Room

The mother figure is in town for an extended stay, getting acquainted with Julian and generally lending a hand. Because she is here for a little over two weeks, we wanted to make sure she had comfortable accommodations in Brooklyn for her visit, so we rejiggered Julian's bedroom to function as a guest room for the duration of her stay. Keep in mind that Julian probably won't actually sleep in that beautiful room for another couple of months sadly, since we've been told that responsible parents keep their babies sleeping in the master bedroom until they're at least three months old, so it wasn't too difficult to give him the boot.

Oy and eye roll.
It's almost comedic how many people/dogs/babies are all sleeping in our bedroom at this point.

Nonetheless, that's the arrangement we've got, so we moved the changing table into the kitchen, set up this super slick camp-bed-inflatable-mattress-memory-foam-topper-job in the "guest room", made a couple of configuration tweaks, and - VOILA! - guest room!

The wonders of living with small spaces-- they elicit so much rethinking and innovation... 

...assuming you have a mother willing to sleep on a camp bed! : ) 

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