Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As Per Your Request...

Word around the campfire is that the layout of our apartment is more than a little mysterious, especially with the new additions of the hallway and Julian's nursery. Apparently it almost seems like we're tacking square footage onto our apartment, which is sadly impossible in most Brooklyn tenement buildings. It's really more of a shell game than anything else, moving around furniture and buying IKEA closets and proclaiming that what was once called "The-Room-We-Walk-Through" from this day forth shall be referred to as "The Hallway" and "Julian's Nursery."

And-- because I am an obliging blogger-- I've whipped together an up-to-date floor plan for everyone's enjoyment and enlightenment : ) If you want a refresher on what the apartment originally looked like, way back when (January of 2011!) take a look at one of our very first postings here...

Sorry the direction is wiggy. It's the only way I could make the drawing big enough to read...

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion about what goes where and how everything is laid out. 

1 comment:

  1. Very helpful!
    I had no idea your bath was at the complete opposite end of the apartment from the bedroom. So no traipsing back and forth to get things you forgot while taking a shower... at least not while you have guests around :)
    You've done an amazing job of making use of the space!