Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally some time on our hands!

I know it's been a while. I think we should all agree that I have become a completely unreliable blogger, and we can all just accept my inadequacies. You, the readers, can come to expect my inconsistencies, and I, the writer, can come to terms with my guilt about said inconsistencies. Perfect.

We have actually been busy-- not just with baby-related stuff-- but lots of other ventures too... I've been cooking up a storm, designing two new shop windows at showrooms on the Upper East Side, and getting Fox Ridge prepared for the oncoming winter season. The following posts will update you on all our progress! Read on...

When Julian was born, we had the idea that we'd like to plant a tree that would grow along with him-- something we and he could watch get bigger and stronger each year, just as he gets bigger and stronger. Because we like to keep things simple, we chose to plant a Bartlett pear tree. Evidently this requires another pear tree to pollinate it to produce flowers and fruit, so then we had to plant another pear tree...

Fast forward to last weekend, when we planted two lovely little pear trees out at Fox Ridge, and now, assuming they hold up against the blustery winds of Hurricane Sandy, we'll have Bartlett and Bosc fruits popping up next summer (or a couple of summers later)! Such a wonderful landmark to celebrate Julian's birth and each of his ensuing birthdays!!

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