Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nice and toasty!

John and I realized, as soon as the weather got chilly, that both our apartment and Fox Ridge were too cold for a little fella like Julian. When we first renovated the cottage, we installed two of these highly efficient wall panel heaters in the living room, and they've been keeping us toasty and warm ever since.

So when we decided we needed to add some extra heat to both places, they were an easy go-to solution. They're reasonably priced (less than $90.00), SUPER EASY to install, mega energy efficient without being too hot to the touch, and not too costly to run either! I tell you, is there nothing these heaters don't do???

What is even more incredible-- these heaters are paintable-- so you can paint them the same color as the walls and they're almost invisible.

For the worry-warts who are reading: I do realize that we'll probably have to warn Julian not to touch these heaters once he's on the move, but they really don't get very hot to the touch, so hopefully it won't be too much of a hazard in the future... 

Now that John has put these babies up (lickity split, 1,2,3), we've just got to find the time to get them painted... Next up! : )

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