Friday, November 2, 2012

Arts & Crafts in Brooklyn!

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago, I was pinning for a $200.00 "You Are My Sunshine" pillow that I'd seen at Anthropologie. I thought it would be just perfect in little Julian's bedroom, aside from the obvious obstacle: the $200.00 price tag. : )

Well, because Mummy is the very craftiest of crafters, and also a little bit super hero, she came out to New York fully equipped with the stencils, stencil brushes, stencil paint, and even a homemade throw pillowcase, in order to make my very own version of the "You Are My Sunshine" pillow. I'd decided I wanted to make a lumbar equivalent of the Anthropologie pillow so I could use it while sitting in Julian's rocking chair, so we started by cutting down the pillowcase to size.

I laid the pillowcase out on the counter, and then stuck a piece of cardboard inside to keep the paint from leaking through to the other side. I started by doing a couple of test runs with the stencils and paint, and then jumped right into my pillow making. (Evidently, figuring out the spacing before you start is an essential step in making a pro-looking pillow. NOTED.)  

Mummy picked up all of her supplies from her local craft store (a Michael's I'm betting) and everything was made by Martha Stewart. You can buy all of the supplies online if you don't have a Michael's handy-- we went with Martha's Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Wild Blueberry (to match the navy blue accents in Jules's room), Martha's Alphabet Stencils, and even Martha's Stencil Brush Set. Total outlay for the supplies, including fabric for the pillowcase and the pillow insert: $35.00.

About two hours later, my pillow was complete! No small amount of effort, mind you, but I'm pretty pleased with my results. It's not as perfect as the Anthropologie pillow, however it's also not as expensive as the Anthropologie pillow, by about $150.00, so I'd say I'm going to come to terms with my imperfections and just roll with the one I've got. Not too shabby! 

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  1. I think yours is nicer - better color, for one thing, & I like the combination of caps & lower case letters.