Thursday, January 24, 2013

Next big project!

Jules's bedroom up at Fox Ridge has always been a bit lacking (aka. cramped), so I decided it was finally time to tackle it this past weekend. It took a small piece of my soul, but I resigned myself to disassembling the antique brass bedstead that was taking up precious amounts of real estate in Julian's room and rearranged things so that it was a little more accommodating of its ever-growing occupant.

 I hunted down a super cheap metal twin bed frame and box spring in town (thank you Royal Furniture of Port Jervis!) and dragged a vintage wood headboard and mattress down from the barn that I'd picked up for free on Craig's List a couple of years ago. (Yes, I am a hoarder.)

I took a swing past the local TJ Maxx and bought a terrific paisley-esque Ralph Lauren twin-sized sheet set on super sale, and then found a taupe-striped bedskirt at a consignment shop in town for $2.50.

Total investment: $102.50.
Total improvement: 100%


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