Friday, January 25, 2013

Boy Abroad!

The mother figure and I decided to take Jules on his first adventure abroad, and so far we're having nothing less than a fantastic time! See if you can figure out where we are...
: ) 

Hint #1: I.M. Pei's controversial Pyramid impressed Julian almost as much as the gigantic museum that surrounds it...

Hint #2: A fabulous collection of Cezanne paintings also thrilled Jules, but then he promptly conked out. 

Hint #3: This large, but not largest ferris wheel wowed him far less. He slept right past it. 
Next time, we're definitely taking him for a ride! 

Where are we?


  1. Paris of course ! How did he fare on the plane ? I remember the first Paris-NYC flight with my daughter : not a peep :)

  2. I'm not giving it away yet-- but our flight was an adventure! We're hoping for a bassinet on the way back, but on the way there, the first half was a bit of a negotiation and the second half was smooth sailing. Fingers crossed, we'll get 6 hours of snoozing on the way home!

    Thanks for writing-- check back soon to see more photos of Jules on tour!


  3. I definitely think we need Julian to have his own blog with "sightings" of him all over the world... sort of like the Roaming Gnome but much more adorable, of course. That would, of course, require you TAKING him there but, well...someone's got to do it. His fans will demand it!
    Know you're having fun. Did you get to any of les marches aux Puces?

  4. Keep on checking back! I promise we're going to do some more sight seeing in the days to come! Mummy made it to the Marché Aux Puces de Vanves today, and there is some talk of hitting the mother load, the Marché at Clignancourt, tomorrow but we'll see what the day holds for us when we wake up!