Friday, March 22, 2013

The Clock Is Ticking!

The Clock officially begins "ticking" next week and then we've got a mere 90 days to get Fox Ridge sold, or we run the risk of losing our next big project-- the decimated farm house up the river from our little cottage. We already have three couples booked to come and see the house this weekend, so that seems like a promising start, but don't get me wrong-- I'm already nervous!

According to an article that I tracked down online, a realistically priced house in a demanding market can sell within 10-21 days. There seems to be no factual basis for that number on the website, but hey! Let's be optimistic and embrace it regardless. 

Hopefully if we dream it, we will be it! 

I'll keep you all posted after this weekend's showings. Fingers crossed people! 

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