Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crushing Blow...

John and I took a visit to Build-It-Green this afternoon-- to "date" my gorgeous country-style cabinets and to possibly buy a like-new stove for our apartment in Brooklyn. (Yes-- in the middle of everything else that's been going on, our oven just kicked the bucket too. Great.) I found a terrific looking candidate at Build-It-Green last week when I went for my first visit, so I figured we'd do double duty today and buy a stove for Brooklyn while courting our cabinets for our fingers-crossed-farm-house.

Well-- dreams, crushed. Plans, dashed. Hopes, destroyed.

The stove was gone. Entirely.

The cabinets were sold. What was even worse-- they were still there-- so we could take a moment to bask in how great they would have been. 

I'm not going to lie-- I was seriously, seriously bummed out about all of this. Bummed about the stove. Majorly bummed about the cabinets. My grand plans were totally tabled. : (

I guess I'll have to toughen up and face another day tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to bed, lamenting not making the rash decision to buy cabinets weeks/months before I owned the house they would go in.  And that, people, is what you get when you make responsible decisions. RE-GRET.

I knew being responsible was over-rated! 

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