Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorry, sorry, sorry...

We've been busy trying to get all of our ducks in a row for this well-coordinated buy-a-house-sell-a-house one-two punch, and it is a MAJOR time commitment. Considering both of us are also supposed to be working full time, we're pretty darn busy. (Not to mention dealing with that BABY, who keeps requiring an enormous amount of time and attention as well. Sheeesshhh. Wish he'd get with the program.)

Yes, he's in a box.
I don't know if anyone reading has ever had the unique opportunity to buy a house, but in my opinion, it is literally the least pleasant thing to do EVER. There is so much bureaucratic bumbling around, everyone still uses a fax machine, or worse, THE POSTAL SERVICE, no one knows who is supposed to do what, but they'll make sure to call someone else who might know, tomorrow, when that person is most likely taking the day off to go fishing. The amount of phone calling, nagging, harassing, and WAITING, WAITING, and WAITING that goes on is literally maddening, and brings out my bitchiest New Yorker in a hurry persona.

If you think I get impatient waiting for a bagel in Ohio, you should see what I'm like trying to buy real estate in rural America. It isn't a pretty sight.

In the meantime, I've been trying to distract myself with cooking and crafting-- I've rewired a pair of sconces for our bedroom in the city (D-I-Y tutorial to follow...), made a million meals (recipes to follow...), and have tracked down all sorts of incredible things I can't wait to save up for to buy/install in our new house, assuming THAT EVER HAPPENS OH MY GOD THIS IS TAKING SO LONG....!!!!!!!


I'll try to get ahold of myself, and take you on the grand architectural salvage tour of my dream house... All thanks to the wonderful people at Build-It-Green-NYC. In case you haven't heard of Build-It-Green, it is quite literally my own private utopia. It consists of two GIANT showrooms (showrooms is a fancy term for massive freakin' warehouses) that is full  of architectural salvage, both old and new. There are gorgeous antique light fixtures, massive old fireplace mantles, and fabulous modern kitchen cabinetry and appliances that have just been removed from fancy-shmancy apartments and homes in the Triboro area. I'm particularly smitten with a set of white country-esque cabinets that they have in stock right now, and it's taking all of my patience and self-restraint not to buy the set before we own the new house.

(It should be noted, by the time we officially owned our house in Sparrowbush, I had already moved in a beautiful brass bed and mattress, a vintage Chambers stove and Philco fridge, and set up a temporary eat-in kitchen arrangement. In fact, that had all been in for weeks before the house was actually ours. And I'd already spent a couple of nights there too.) : )

Waiting isn't really my thing... 

But it isn't just a kitchen I'm dying to buy. They also have fabulous light fixtures that would be perfect  in the new house. PERFECT! Ahhhhh!!! What if someone else gets to them first?! Eeeeppppp.... How do you patient people do it? I'm truly awed.

I'm thinking this one would look awesome in the kitchen, over the kitchen island:

And this guy would be a perfect match to hang in the living room or dining room, or even the little hallway between the kitchen and the living room:

And then lastly, I'm really digging these sconces-- which have infinite possibilites-- either the living room, kitchen, or maybe even the bathroom...

And don't even get me started on the possibilities for the bathroom...

But if you're interested: this and this are worth a gander. : )

So now, we just have to own this house, and I already have half of the decorating sorted out in my mind. No problem. Except for that one big problem... OWNING THE HOUSE.

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  1. That's ok Christina... I'm already buying plants for Scott & Jenny's Lake Oswego house...which doesn't close for several weeks yet. So, technically, something could still go wrong, but can't help myself :-) ; bureaucracy grinds slowly along. Good idea keeping yourself busy!