Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the heat goes on...

Ya, the heat goes on...

Pretty sure that's actually the start of a song* from the 70's, but in this case, I'm actually referring to the boiler at the new farm house, which was O-FFICIALLY FUNCTIONAL as on Monday morning.


Things were a little touch-and-go there for a minute... An uncertain assessment of the well, a bleak review on the (very old, very outdated, seemingly completely functional) septic tank, and then! Just when we were pretty sure nothing else could go wrong, the BRAND NEW, JUST INSTALLED boiler was possibly broken because some bright star didn't drain the pipes properly last winter. So, not only was the boiler possibly toast, there was no saying how many other pipes burst during this ridiculous period of (idiocy) negligence.

I have to confess-- I was pretty much done in at that point. I like to think of myself as someone with vision, someone with determination, and someone who can't be easily dissuaded (and usually, that's really me to a T) and keep in mind, pretty much every house/apartment I've lived in since I was 18 was essentially in condemnable condition upon acquisition, so it's not like I wasn't familiar with a little adversity -- but for f-sake! It really felt like there was nothing that wasn't broken in our lovely farm house. That this sale is actually, FINALLY going through is really all due to John, for his long term vision and unwavering persistence... But now he shall reap the rewards, as we somehow managed to convince the seller of our dream house (money pit) to discount the sale price by $10,000, AND fix the pipes, AND replace the water pump, AND make sure the boiler was up and functioning. All on her dime, remarkably.

SO! The good news is that the sale is marching steadily forward, and we are most likely signing the paper work to buy our new farm AND sell our old cottage on THE SAME DAY, May 15, 2013!


We're starting to pack up Fox Ridge this weekend and we're holding a yard sale to sell off some of the treasures we've accrued over the past five years. Hopefully it will be worth the time and serve double duty: we'll actually earn a little money as well as getting the barn cleared out. We have A LOT to pack. Yikes.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

*Upon further investigation-- I was actually fusing two songs into one: Soony & Cher's "And The Beat Goes On" and another song by Asia, called "The Heat Is On".  Oops! 

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