Sunday, May 5, 2013


John and I held our first yard sale together yesterday-- and it was a roaring success! 

It wasn't exactly a massive financial boon (though $550+ is nothing to sneer at) but the major victory came from the GIGANTIC AMOUNT OF STUFF THAT LEFT OUR HOUSE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVING ARMS! 

Notable victories include the sale of our full-sized NYC phone booth (sold for a $100.00-- a $35.00 profit no less!) and a set of 4-tires/wheels that have been haunting us since we bought Fox Ridge (Yes. We had four wheels that did not belong to a car we owned sitting in a shed for five years.)


We sold so much stuff, large and small, that things are looking considerably less daunting in the packing-up-and-moving department. The one bleak thing we're still up against... All of the unsold junk still sitting in our driveway. : (

And of course, Salvation Army and the dump are both closed, so my "Get It Done!" attitude has to be put on hold until next weekend, I guess. I swear-- everything takes at least two weekends to get something accomplished. What that says about the timeline for the renovation of the new house---- I don't even want to talk about it!

We're driving up to the farmhouse today to have another jaunt around. Spring is finally in full swing up here, and I don't want to miss the flowering fruit trees on the property-- even if they isn't ours yet.

Needless to say, John is a patient individual for accommodating that request. : ) 

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