Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting Stuff DONE!

Seriously, we have accomplished more in the past seven days than we have in the past seven years!

Okay, that's probably not exactly true, but we have made some major headway... In the past seven days, I tackled and triumphed over painting my office. It isn't set up yet, but at least the walls have been painted and the carpet has been laid. I got the carpet (for free!) through a client. Long story short: we installed this carpet for a client, they had a minor leak in the room, the insurance company paid to replace the carpet, I had the carpet company cut up the undamaged carpet and bind it for me, and now it's in my office. Voila! Free carpet!

Then I decided to keep things simple, and chose a lovely pale sage-green for the walls. I struggled against my temptation to paint the walls Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments and thought "This is a year of change!" and chose Benjamin Moore's Crystalline. 

Paired with BM's Decorator's White on the trim and ceilings, things are looking much more soothing and clean than when I arrived to my bananas pink-and-purple office a few weeks ago.

Revisit this page for "BEFORE" photos of my office... It's extreme!

Next on the list: I painted this bookcase. Another client freebie! A client of mine was pitching this bookcase out, and since I had the paint supplies out, I snatched it up and promptly painted it white. (It was originally low-end maple-esque.) I have grand plans for this bookcase: I'm going to move it next to our armoires in the corridor of our apartment to give Jules some extra toy and book storage. Once I move it in there (this coming week?) I think we might also shake up Julian's bedroom configuration, so he's got a little more crawl-around-play-around space in his room...

There is so much more to fill you in on, but this is just a drop in the bucket!

Tune back in to see what else we're up to this week...

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