Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fun times! Fun finds!

Exciting news on the decorating front! I was just "gifted" two fabulous antique portrait paintings! I have long lusted after these two terrific paintings, and while I was in a meeting with a client today, I mentioned that her two portraits had inspired me to start collecting my own "false ancestors". (You didn't even know I did that, did you? Man-- am I full of surprises!) Anyway... so I mentioned how splendid/inspirational her two paintings were and she just said, "Really? Do you want them? I'm totally over them and they terrify my kids." And I was like, "WHHHAAAAATTTT?" Followed closely by a gushing, "YES!!!"

As far as I'm concerned, if Jules thinks they're scary he can look the other way, because I am EXCITED to hang these babies up in the new farmhouse.


Coincidentally, I just bumped into this piece, featured in the latest Architectural Digest (eye-roll). Granted, it's rather more GRAND than our little farmhouse, but I like the concept of lining a space with floor-to-ceiling old-paintings-of-old-people. Filing that away in my "to-do" file until we've properly moved into the farm.

Terrific inspiration all around! 

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