Saturday, June 22, 2013

Farmhouse Renovation Day 200: Okay, I guess it hasn't been that long...

We're moving right along at the farm. The living room, dining room, kitchen, back hall, and pantry have all been painted (okay-- a couple of those rooms have been painted and then repainted.) We're gearing up for the final push before we move in NEXT WEEKEND (please excuse me while I anxiety-throw-up) so things are a little hairy at the house right now.

I promise I'll post loads of updated photos in the next couple of days, once we've got everything tidied up, but in the meantime, I'll buy myself some time with a couple of new photos of the pantry and back hall. Originally I painted the two little rooms Benjamin Moore's "Cinqo De Mayo", but after the paint dried, it was REALLY PINK. It should be said that I got a lot of positive feedback on the color, but the photos didn't do it any justice. In person, it was REALLY REALLY PINK. We're talking "Las Vegas Showgirl Pink", and not really "Muted Red-Persimmon a la Julian's t-shirt".  My hallway was kind of a slut.

NOT what I had in mind.

After some soul searching (whining), I sent Mummy to the local paint store in pursuit of the right color. I sent her with a printed throw pillow and these directions: "Try to find a color like this, only lighter and less bright." Geez. I'm a pain in the ass.

Mummy came back with a gallon of Benjamin Moore's "Warm Earth", and after some initial shock and hesitation (more whining), I'm actually pretty sold on it. It's definitely bold, but it's pretty rad too.
And in such small doses, I think it's adding a fun dash of color to my breezy, airy farmhouse.

Meanwhile, John's trying desperately to get the "little room" (the smallest room on the ground floor) ready for Julian's arrival, and we're pretty much running one weekend behind schedule. He has the new drywall up, and he has about 45% of the drop ceiling framed out, but then there's the arduous task of installing the dropped ceiling (wainscotting! fun!) and then the even more grueling process of doing the drywall taping, spackling and sanding (and spackling and sanding and spackling and sanding). The gist: There's pretty much no chance that Jules's new bedroom is going to be ready for him when he moves in. Bum out. : (

Good thing he's such an adaptable dude, or we'd really be in for it. 

What a champ! 

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  1. Since we all know your mother is a paragon of good taste, I'm sure "warm earth" will be just the ticket (as my grandmother used to say)!