Monday, July 29, 2013

Personal note. Times Three.

Three quick shout outs I'd like to make-- I know it's not as much fun for the rest of you when I make this blog uber-personal, but it's more important to give these people what they're due, so tough tit. It's happening.

Shout Out #1: Goes to my lovely mudder, who flew into New York (at our pleading) to help oversee our noodle of a baby while we did all this crazy moving and shaking. Little did she know that after she booked her flight I'd find out about this LA trip, and would end up out of town for a good chunk of her visit. She's been a good sport and she's pretty much making everything possible, so John and I would would both like to send her a major shout out of thanks.

Shout Out #2: Goes to John, for devoting a substantial amount of his weekend to packing and moving my office. It isn't the nicest way to spend your recreational time after you've worked an 80-hour work week, and that fact wasn't lost on me. That guy is such a mensch. I am truly the luckiest gal in the world.

Shout Out #3: Goes to John's cousin-in-law-once-removed (I think that's the legal connection), who is recovering from some pretty major medical stuff this week. We're thinking of you, thinking of your family, and sending all of you all of our love from here. Rest well and get well. We love you.

Okay guys, that's it. No more mushy-gushy stuff until I start deluging you with baby pictures when I'm in withdrawal tomorrow night.

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  1. Just doing a massive blog reading catch-up after the demise of Google Reader (ugh!). House is looking GREAT considering you have only been there for 7 weeks. Good luck in LA!!