Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Julian's new room!

Making this switch was a crazy endeavor and a logistical nightmare. Trying to move a baby's room while they're using it is completely insane as it turns out, and I am going to file it away in my "never again" book for future reference.

Never. Again. 

Major. Hassle. 

However, we're on the other side of the ordeal and it all feels well worth it now. Or I think it does. Or it's going to. Or it's possible that I just have a knack for making my life more complicated than it actually needs to be. (I think I actually just heard numerous people across America all say "Yes" in unison.)

The good news is that his room is super-duper cute, now has a window, and I'm loving the outcome, so whether or not it actually made any sense, the deed is done, and the results are terrific.

Everything is pretty much "his-old-room", in "a-new-room", except I also bought these two IKEA floating wall shelves, which John installed above the changing table for easy access to relevant supplies as well as extremely cute display space.

I'm considering putting up a third one under the New York map poster, so we have some more storage for books down the pike, but I haven't committed to that plan yet.

And then the last two improvements will be to install a ceiling fan and to buy a rolling solar shade from JC Penney (these babies are cheap and easy, but not super-rugged, so if you open and close your shades everyday, I make no guarantees.) Ceiling fan-wise, I'm considering buying another one of these bad boys, which we installed in our bedroom and are totally happy with. Generally, ceiling fans are ugly or expensive, and all too often, they're both; so this basic white one totally does the trick. The price-tag is a bit steep, so I think I'm going to hold off for now, but eventually, that's my plan!

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