Friday, August 16, 2013

A welcome distraction...

Not for me, but for Julian Ignatius! 

I just hung this little french chalkboard up above Julian's changing table, and now-- instead of wiggling around like a mad man trying to escape the next diaper change-- he's taken to whacking it against the wall.

The good news: It makes diaper changes far more peaceful. Maybe peaceful isn't the right word-- it's definitely still noisy, but at least it isn't a wrestling match for the time being! It also reminds me of our Parisian honeymoon-- we bought the chalkboard at the Marché Bastille while we were there... In fact, it was the product of my first IN FRENCH haggling endeavor! (In hindsight, I probably still got fleeced!)

The bad news: I'm guessing it is only a matter of time before Jules prevails over that hook and it comes crashing off the wall. I'd say there is an anchor in my future...

Très mignon, dans l'intervalle!*

*Very cute, in the meantime! : )

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