Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last minute win!

This past Sunday afternoon, while we were heading into town to hit up the farmer's market, we made a quick detour past a garage sale in Callicoon.*

*(Yes. I do love having a place upstate so much... I pretty much love everything about that previous sentence. Sunday. Farmer's Market. Garage Sale. Be still my beating heart.

The people having the sale were basically selling everything I could possibly want to furnish a country farm house. Fabulous antique dressers, gorgeous painted armoires, and more primitive farm furniture than you could shake a stick at...

This was a true dilemma-- given that we are on such a tight budget these days-- so I decided I could only buy one piece of furniture and it had to be really, really practical. After much back and forth, I narrowed in on a gigantic primitive farm cabinet because I figured it could be used for almost anything. I was thinking it could be perfect in the dining room-- but it could also work fantastically as a linen closet upstairs, or in Julian's room for toy-and-book storage once he moves upstairs. What sweetened the deal is that for the $300.00 price tag, the people even  offered to throw in delivery!

The pitch I made to John, who was staggered by the thought of buying a $300.00 piece of furniture, is that we could probably find this same piece of furniture at a swanky shop upstate for $800.00, and could definitely find something almost identical for even more in the city. I took a quick hunt around on ebay and found this guy, which is about half the size, listed for $795.00. And we'd have to drive to somewhere called "Port Carbon, Pennsylvania" to pick it up. Not doing that might be worth $300.00 unto itself.

This is the cabinet we didn't buy-- that cost twice as much. 

So we took the plunge, and bought the big farm cabinet! 

It's currently parked in our bedroom-which-will-eventually-become-the-dining-room, and I'm loving it already. Though I kind of can't stop thinking it would make an awesome linen cupboard upstairs, so I guess we'll just have to see how it all unfolds once we're finally living upstairs. Which is probably going to be five years from now, at the rate we're currently going... Ugh. In the meantime, think positive, right?!

Super thrilled! Super psyched! Super FARM-Y! 

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