Monday, August 19, 2013

A new location for something old!

After I re-arranged Julian's bedroom in the city, I couldn't find the right spot for the cloud mobile that Mummy made him ages ago. I put his beautiful french paper mobile swinging above the rocking chair, and hung the felt-ball-musical-mobile over his bed, and then if really felt like a third mobile would be serious "stuff-hanging-from-the-ceiling" over-kill. I know it might seem like the cloud mobile would take rank over the plastic-y "Tiny Love" musical mobile, but that mobile has become synonymous with bedtime for Julian, so there was NO WAY THAT WASN'T GOING UP.

I hemmed-and-hawed, and decided to bring it upstate. Originally, my plan had been to hang it over his changing table in the country, but then I had a stroke of genius (genius? maybe not.) and hung it up on the wall over the rocking chair. This was motivated primarily by my reticence to hang anything from Julian's ceiling, which is a bead-board ceiling, since that seemed like more of a pain to spackle down the pike when we move Julian upstairs and out of that room.

However, now that it's up-- I feel like I've given the mobile a new lease on life-- it's SO CUTE hanging up there now. I think I might even like it more than I did when it was a mobile. 


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