Thursday, September 5, 2013

Loving this. Next project-- once I've finished current project.

I think I'm obsessed with triptychs.

The first triptych I was totally smitten with was one I saw in the Mitchell Gold showroom. Upon further investigation, it turns out it was actually made by the people at Natural Curiosities Art House. For a mere $3,740.00, that alligator could have been mine. Which is to say, that alligator was never going to be mine. : )

Admit it, though! That's a fine looking gator! 99" wide including the frame. How COMPLETELY awesome would that be above my couch in Brooklyn?


Alas, it was not to be, and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for other potential triptychs ever since. So needless to say, I was pleased to bump into this beauty of a triptych while perusing the internet for something else entirely...

Albeit, the rug is a little ghastly, but LOOK AT THAT HORSE! 

Try not to hold the rug against the horse. It's not the horse's fault that it's hanging in that room. God-- that rug is hard to look beyond though. Yikes. 

So of course, then I was on the hunt to track down that triptych... and what do you freaking know? It TOO is made by the people at Natural Curiosities! Do they have the monopoly on framing three-parts of an animal or what? Son of a gun! 

While bemoaning to John about yet another triptych-that-got-away, he suggested something brilliant. (Clearly, he's the brains of this outfit.) He suggested that I just buy a wide print or painting, and then cut it into three parts to frame. Given that both of my top contenders cost over $3,000.00, I've got some serious wiggle room to find a wide print and still save a small fortune. 

I was even thinking I could start with a jankity vintage world map and chop that into three parts. Or maybe an old advertisement print? Now the wheels are churning... 

Another possibility-- I found this totally destroyed 13-Star Flag, literally in a pile in a field, up near our country house. What if I cut that into three parts and framed that? It would be a fusion of two loves! Jasper Johns and triptychs! 

My flag...
Jasper's flag

What is the law on cutting up a really old flag that someone else has already left for dead in a field? Still illegal? 

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  1. Once they started using American flag print on men's boxers with impunity, I think all bets were off. Plus it's not as if it's a current flag. I say chop away...