Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Motivated by further discussion!

After blogging about my evil plot to get my mother to make Julian those incredible Serena & Lily drapes, I got totally motivated to get the ball rolling. Maybe it's a huge overstatement that I'm getting the ball rolling. Basically I'm finding the drapes and tracking down the tassel trim, and then I'm having it all shipped directly to my mom.

I kind of suck. 

Good thing my mother is willing to put that aside for the time being, in the name of beautiful drapery!

I hunted around on Target, JC Penney, and IKEA, and found the best match for the drapes on the IKEA website. These bad boys are $25.00 for TWO PANELS, and I think they're perfect. They're white, they've got a rod-pocket, and they're 98" long, which is just what I need. But most importantly, they're $25.00 FOR A PAIR. That is sooooo much cheaper than the $200.00 per pair I would be paying at Serena & Lily.

Then I went on the prowl for the tassel trim. Mummy said the tricky part would be finding the right color, because tassel trim tends to be sold in more muted, muddy colors. I foolishly thought that my extraordinary skills searching the internet would make it easier for me to find beautiful, bright tassels in no time-- but after an hour of hunting online, I'd only turned up a couple of possibilities, none of which were perfect. I thought I'd nailed it on Etsy, but it turns out they were literally selling ONE yard of tassel trim. Not by the yard. Actually ONE YARD. Not very helpful...

Waiting to hear back on pricing for this fancy-shmancy trim from Samuel & Sons.
Betting it is way out of my range...

Love this. Très Martha Stewart, but I'm worried it lacks the POP that I love in the Serena & Lily drapes.
It's a good deal and there's LOTS of it!

Possible contender from JoAnn Fabrics

A gamble I've already bid on from Ebay. Cross your fingers I win,
and then cross them again that it is actually what I wanted... 

Assuming I need a little more than 2.5 yards per panel, (let's round up) and say that's 6 yards per window, we're looking at $25.00 for the White IKEA Drapes + the cost of the tassel trim.

It should be easy to keep it cheaper than the Serena & Lily version, but if I end up spending $100.00 on trim, it might be cheaper, but that doesn't make it cheap. 

I guess we'll have to see what happens with my ebay bid. $20.00 for trim seems like an ideal investment.

: )

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