Friday, February 28, 2014

More ideas for the Parisian apartment I don't own...

While looking for a full-length mirror to replace the one I broke last week (it's possible that I ran into my bedroom in a crazy hurry, threw open the door, and shattered the mirror with the door handle...) I discovered this gorgeous mirror...

It isn't really appropriate for my Brooklyn bedroom, but I'm definitely putting it into the memory bank for future use. I'm thinking it could go at the top of the stairs in the farmhouse, as a sort of "pier mirror", or-- even better-- in the Parisian apartment I'm obviously going to own in the future, when I become a Martha-Stewart-sized-millionaire, and need numerous homes to keep all my stuff-and-money. : )

Or, maybe I could "install" it into the kitchen in Brooklyn, between the two windows there... Theoretically, I could paint the frame white and it would almost look built-in, sort of like the image below, minus the fabulous carved molding on the top. Hmmm... Now that's a thought.

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