Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not wasting any time here!

John and I drove out to Red Hook yesterday afternoon and met up with mid-century modern furniture dealer/extraordinaire, David Jaffe from Equity Modern, to scope out the glorious marble tulip table I was hoping to buy for my office. It's as beautiful in person as it is in theory, and I readily loaded it into my friend's borrowed truck. (Thanks Friend!)

Not too shabby for a 30-minute trip to Red Hook! 

Because David is great and I'm a cunning (unrelenting) negotiator, I also ended up coming home with two fabulous plexi-glass/lucite eiffel chairs, two nutty reproduction sputnik lights, and a couple of  cute miniature classic chairs.

What's not to like about these tiny chairs? Nothing but charming! 

My plan is to make a big push getting the office assembled and organized today, and hopefully I'll have lots to show for my efforts by tomorrow. Too exciting! I can't decide what I like most: getting organized, designing a new space, or shopping for mid-century furniture! 

This looks like a win-win to me. 

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