Monday, March 10, 2014

Secret project commencing!

I don't know if you guys remember at this point, but at the beginning of last week I mentioned that we were tackling a secret project in my office... Well-- things got a little hairy with the old work/baby/taking-over-the-world/staying-alive to-do list, and we weren't able to get the project rolling until this morning, but now we're through the worst of it, and better for it!

The gist: We ordered an IDEA PAINT dry erase paint kit, and we're turning a considerable amount of our office wall-space into one big dry erase board. (We got the IDEA PAINT PRO KIT because I'm not f#!king around, but they also sell a less expensive, equally awesome version for home use.)

Do I look like I'm f#!king around?!? Okay, maybe a little. 

I am going to be the most organized, list-makin'-fool you've ever met. I'm beyond stoked! 

Check out their website to get the low-down. Basically it's a four-step process:
1.) Prime the wall.
2.) Lightly sand the wall.
3.) Paint the wall with IDEA paint.
4.) Wait a week for it to cure, and then go to town.

So far, step #4 is proving to be the most challenging. Waiting is not my strongest skill. Some of you may know this. 

Luckily IDEA Paint provided me with this sizable reminder,
so every time I'm tempted to start drawing on the walls, I'll PUT DOWN THE MARKER

We painted both sides of the office door too, so we can leave messages to ourselves (don't forget your keys!) as well as leave messages for our new office suite-mates (did you take my toilet paper!?!?)

Loving every minute of it! Thanks IDEA PAINT!! 

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