Saturday, March 22, 2014

Walnut furniture, raining from heaven.

Okay. It actually only came from the apartment upstairs, but when we were carrying it down the two flights of steps, it felt a little bit as far away as heaven.

Here's the story-- and try not to get mad-- because it's just unbelievable that this happened, and I pretty much can't believe my good luck.

The gist: About nine months ago, my upstairs neighbor approached me about possibly buying his apartment. I went upstairs, fell in love with it, found out he wanted an astronomical amount of money for it, and promptly let go of that dream. But, I also really liked the solid wood mid-century bedroom set (wide dresser, two bedside tables, high-boy) in the apartment, which had been abandoned by my neighbor's uncle, so I mentioned that I'd be "interested" in taking it off his hands if he wanted me too. Ya know-- as a favor to him. : ) We talked about it at length, but then he had a bunch of crazy medical problems, then I moved to California, then he had more weird medical problems, then I came back from California, then I went back to California... 

You know the story-- life happened and the moment got away from us...

Flash forward nine months-- the apartment has finally sold (much to my chagrin...) and my original neighbor was jonesing to get the mid-century furniture out. After a little logistical negotiation, John and I actually managed to find twenty free minutes when we were going to be in the same place at the same time, and yesterday, we hauled the furniture down to our apartment. The downside to well-made furniture is that it weighs a small ton, but luckily, we weren't going far! It was also no small challenge trying to get the new stuff in and the old stuff out (yes-- my guest room is currently wall-to-wall orange dressers), but completely worth the effort. The pieces are beyond beautiful-- the wood is in gorgeous condition-- it's solid wood with lovely dovetail construction-- honestly the photos don't remotely do them justice. A special thanks to my neighbor for giving me this wonderful furniture. 

It's gone to a good home! 

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