Saturday, April 5, 2014

Moving and shaking.

Okay, so we finished installing and painting our IKEA-sourced "pre-war pier mirror" in Brooklyn and it looks beyond awesome. Let me mention again that this mirror was originally the IKEA Songe mirror, which I piced up for a mere $99.00 at IKEA. Evidently the D-I-Y gods were smiling on me, because when I measured the Songe mirror was pretty much exactly the right size to fit between my two kitchen windows, and sits pretty much perfectly on top of the existing chair-rail in our kitchen. So pretty much, it's perfect. Yeah. I'm that annoying.

I actually initially wanted to do this project a few weeks ago, but hesitated because I didn't know where I was going to move the rest of the kitchen artwork if we installed the pier mirror. We have this gigantic vintage advertisement which was occupying the space between the windows, and this incredible painting done by Bonnie Miller that I'm so devoted to, so I was struggling to figure out how to renegotiate the location of those pieces...

But then when we got all of that new (free) bedroom furniture a few weeks ago (yeah. I really am that annoying) it all became clear. Move Bonnie Miller's beautiful painting into the bedroom, move the vintage advertisement where Bonnie's painting was originally, and hang the pier mirror in between the windows.


Not only that, but there is something magical that has happened with the addition of Bonnie's painting in our bedroom. Waking up to it has added this bizarre illumination to our room. It almost makes the bedroom feel like it is twice as large-- like we're looking into another side of the room... I promise I'll take photos this week so you can see just how glorious everything is.

But take my word for it. It's glorious. 

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