Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Okay. You may have noticed.

After one skirmish too many, I was sent home from NBC's "American Dream Builders". It may shock and amaze you that I, always prone for a fight, hyper-dynamic, unrelentingly opinionated, utterly uncompromising, she-devil of a woman-- would not be well-suited for reality TV, but there ya go. Life will surprise you time and again.

Sadly, this is the face I make when I get eliminated.
Note to self: Look smarter the next time you get kicked off of a reality-tv show. 

Needless to say, I was honestly so disappointed to be sent home, though I suspect it was pretty evident in that last episode that I was more or less over the whole thing. I'm better equipped for design, not drama, and unfortunately, you should probably have a flare for both to be on a design-reality television show. In hindsight, that makes a tremendous amount of sense,  but somehow, I didn't quite see it coming... But as they say,

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

The good news is that after you get the boot from NBC's American Dream Builders, you get to film a Lowe's sponsored follow-up segment to show the audience what you're up to next. And what I was up to next was heading back to our farmhouse to renovate our kitchen, so Lowes and an American Dream Builders film crew came along for the ride.

Talk about a silver lining!! 

I'm going to post all the nitty-gritty details in the next blogpost, but here's a sneak preview...

Oh-la-la! Look at our gorgeous new country kitchen!

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