Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No rest, none of the time.

Don't forget... This is what we started with, just over a year ago!
Even though I'm currently on vacation with a large portion of John's extended family, I've still tracked down a free moment to post more photos of the Catskills' Farmhouse, mainly to avoid the ire of my father if I don't post for a prolonged period of time...


The next transformation installment is our front porch. This was another big renovation win!! When we bought the farmhouse, the ceiling of our porch consisted of warpy-wavy-wobbly particle board that had been rather poorly painted white. We removed the particle board with the intention of replacing it with 4' X 8' sheets of beadboard ply-wood, knowing that we'd need to frame out the ceiling to avoid having another warpy-wavy-wobbly ceiling again.  However, once the particle board was down, it revealed a very cool vaulted ceiling with very well-spaced, well-constructed beams across the entire thing. Rather than having to totally reframe the ceiling to have it hang parallel to the ground, it suddenly occurred to me, why not install the ceiling parallel to the roof instead?!?

And that's exactly what we did! We also added an additional porch light while we were at it, and picked out these awesome "Hang-Straight Pendants" from Barn Light Electric. Getting these fixtures was actually a little bit of a saga unto itself, but now that we have them, they were absolutely worth the wait! (Long story short: UPS "delivered" the first set by leaving them in our trash can! When I called to find out where they were, they said, "According to our records, they've been successfully delivered." I pointed out that throwing them away for me didn't exactly qualify and then we fought a battle of the wills until I finally reached someone sane enough to agree that the trash can was not a suitable "alternate delivery location" and they conceded new light fixtures should be sent free of charge. Unbelievable. I still want those minutes of my life back, UPS!!!)

Now we just need to find some time to paint the porch floor and we'll really be in business. Current color contenders are Benjamin Moore's Night Train or one shade darker, BM's Quarry Rock. I'm torn between the color (I prefer Quarry Rock) and the name (obviously Night Train is more awesome.) But then again, we do have a bluestone quarry on the property, so maybe Quarry Rock is really more appropriate.

I'll report back on a final decision if we ever 
find the time to paint... 

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